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Teaching Staff

To contact a teacher call (408) 522-2588 and then enter the teacher's extension to leave a voicemail. To send an email click on the envelope next to the teacher's name. 

E-mail addresses are: first name_last

Alleyne-Levy, Dara ex.5846 Teacher, Science Department Curriculum Lead
Arevalo, Paco ex.x. 5800 Teacher, World Languages
August, Rani ex.5886 Teacher, English Department
Auten, Gary ex.5851 Teacher, Math Department
Barton, Surna Teacher, English Department
Bechara, George ex.5832 Teacher, Science Department
Birdsong, Junko ex.5819 Teacher, World Languages
Boehm, Patricia ex.5854 Teacher, Special Education
Bonvechio, Heather ex.6834 Teacher, English Department
Bonvechio, Kyle ex.5816 Teacher, PE Department Curriculum Lead
Bostic, Charlie ex.5802 Teacher, PE Department, Athletic Director
Brevnov, Ruth ex.5909 Teacher, World Languages
Brown, Roger ex.5895 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Buffum, Jessica (408) 522-2588 ex.2559 Teacher, Special Education
Burn, John (408) 522-2541 ex.5833 Teacher, Music Department Curriculum Lead
Burroughs, Greg ex.5847 Teacher, Math Department
Carlson, Helen ex.5912 Teacher, Business Department, FBLA Co-Adviser
Chunglo, Kelly ex.5828 Teacher, English and Social Studies Departments
Clausnitzer, Lisa ex.5825 Teacher, English Department
Curley, Debbie (408) 522-2500 ex.5822 Teacher, Science Department
Daily, Carolyn ex.5821 Teacher, Art Department
Dee, Clare ex.5820 Teacher, Art Department Curriculum Lead
Della-Santina, Natalie Teacher, Science Department
Esswein, Angie (408) 522-2588 ex.5813 Teacher, Math Department
Fan, Stefanie ex.4931 Teacher, ELD
Ferguson, Thane ex.2530 Teacher, Auto Tech
Frausto, Sara ex.5818 Teacher, PE Department, Leadership
Fung, Sam ex.5827 Teacher, Science Department
Garcia, Robert Teacher, Special Education
Giatis, Jenny ex.5908 Teacher
Gonzales, Marc ex.5806 Teacher, Social Studies Department Curriculum Lead
Graham, Christina ex.5826 Teacher, English Department
Guevara, Matthew ex.5911 Teacher, Math Department and AVID
Gunderson, Mary Jo ex.5809 Teacher, English Department
Hannigan, Emily Teacher, Math Department
Heaney, Katie Teacher
Heaton, Christy ex.5893 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Henson, Grace ex.5823 Teacher, EL Site Coordinator
Herald, Adam ex.5801 Teacher
Herbst, Jeffrey Teacher, Science Department
Hinton, Kirk Teacher
Hook, Shawn ex.5861 Teacher, PE Department
Hurst-Ruiz, Daniela ex.5837 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Ingah, Lidia ex.5913 Teacher, World Languages
Jacobs, Catherine ex.5840 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Jin, Ying ex.3913 Teacher, World Languages
Jones, Eileen ex.4887 Teacher, Special Education
Kirby, Jessica ex.5916 Teacher, Special Education
Kwong, Edmond ex.5882 Teacher, Art Department
Lai, Mickey Teacher
Lavelle, Steve ex.5873 Teacher, English Department
Lee, Byron (408) 522-2525 ex.5845 Teacher, Business Department Curriculum Lead and FBLA Co-Adviser
Lee, Phil Teacher
Lee, Zenas ex.5870 Teacher, Science Department
Lin, Clara (408) 522-2500 ex.5817 Teacher, World Languages
Lloyd, Leslie (408) 522-2557 ex.5875 Teacher, Drama
Logie, Graeme (408) 522-2525 ex.5848 Teacher, Business Department, FBLA Co-adviser
Mathews, Bethany Teacher
McMahon, Adrian ex.5834 Teacher, English Department
Milirides, Lela ex.5863 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Morales, Viky ex.5867 Teacher, World Languages
Moreno, Sara (408) 522-2588 ex.5896 Teacher, English Department
Morton, Jeff ex.2554 Teacher, Music Department
Mrozack, Susan ex.5836 Teacher, Science Department
Murray, Connie (408) 522-2500 Algebra 2/Trig, AP Calculus BC, Department Lead
Nafrada, Chris ex.5856 Teacher, Science Department
Nakamatsu, Lisa (408) 522-2567 ex.5807 Teacher, PE Department, Athletic Director
Nakamura, Carrie ex.5843 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Navarro, Adrianne Teacher
Nunez, Daniel ex.5900 Teacher, Science Department
Ogawa Boon, Leslie Teacher
Owsley, Natalie (408) 522-2588 ex.5874 Teacher, English Department/Journalism/AVID
Perry, Rachel ex.5871 Teacher, Math Department
Pitta, Ashley ex.5810 Teacher, English Department
Porticos, Richard ex.5907 Teacher, Science Department
Prakash, Rohan Teacher
Quan, Joanne ex.5902 Teacher, Science Department
Ratti, James ex.5858 Teacher, English Department and AVID
Rick, Alice ex.5814 Teacher, Math Department
Riley, Ed ex.5880 Teacher, English Department
Rivera, Shawnee (408) 835-0858 ex.5855 Teacher, English & AVID Departments
Ronan, Erin ex.5865 Teacher, Math Department
Ronsheimer, Kelly ex.5881 Teacher, World Languages
Ruiz, Lawrence Teacher, Science Department
Rupe, Megan ex.5915 Teacher, English Department
Russo, Greg ex.5859 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Schiltz, Katie ex.5862 Teacher, Art Department
Shelby, John ex.5878 Teacher, Computer Science
Shreve, Kathleen Teacher, Science Department
Smare, Tom ex.2580 Teacher
Sohal, Sukhraj ex.6852 Teacher, Science Department
Southerd, Shawn ex.5879 Teacher, Math Department
Stanwood, Madeleine Teacher, World Languages
Swearingen, Janice Teacher
Tanger, Amber ex.5815 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Tarkington, Tamara ex.5838 Teacher, World Languages
Unsinger, Harry ex.5857 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Vakili, Niloofar ex.5853 Teacher, Math Department
Vanni, Debbie ex.5868 Teacher, English Department Curriculum Lead
Villegas-Tenorio, Maria Eloina Teacher, World Languages
Von-Stein, Muriel ex.5869 Teacher, World Languages Department Curriculum Lead
Wakefield, Jessica Teacher, Science Department
Weingartner, Eric ex.5842 Teacher, Music Department
Westgate, Andrea ex.5892 Teacher, Math Department
Williams, Liz ex.5885 Teacher, English Department
Wilson, Susan ex.5899 Teacher, English Department
Wishart, Steve ex.5803 Teacher, PE Department
Wright, Matt ex.5910 Teacher, Social Studies Department
Yee, Andrea Teacher
Yoshida, Gary ex.5841 Teacher, English Department/Culinary Arts
Zambrano, Nicole Teacher